Puppy Love

​This is a great service for your puppy! As a puppy you need lots of interaction and tons of love.  So let us do that for your puppy while you are at work or out for the day. During our stay we will clean up any mess your puppy may have as best as we can. If you puppy does not have all his shots but small enough to carry we can take him/her out for a walk so that they can get some fresh air. If they are up to date with shots we can walk them and have them meet some friends. 


$20 15 minute visit

​$30 30 minute visit

​​Upon Availability

Companion Love

​This is great for those dogs that are on their own while you are at work or just out for the whole day. We will walk your dog, play with your dog and just chill with your dog. If you would like your dog to have a buddy we can bring one of our well behaved dogs with us.